10-day Retreat Netherlands

10-day Vipassana retreat (Mahasi method) at Hof van Kairos in Winterswijk (Netherlands).

In the Mahasi method, sitting meditation, walking meditation and daily activities are all considered to be equally important. The idea is to be very strict in this from getting up to going to bed. But effort pays off, and you will reap in your daily life what you sow in the retreat.

In order to ensure maximum implementation of the achievements from the Vipassana retreat in your daily life, it is highly recommended to also keep at least one day free after returning home. In preparation for the retreat, it is good to slow down your pace of life a bit in the preceding days.


After your arrival around 15.30 pm at last you can settle in your single room (with private toilet and shower). It is also best to arrive earlier, leave your luggage and take a walk through the beautiful surroundings. At 16.00 pm we start with a general introduction. At 16.30 pm meditation instructions will be given ONLINE from Lumbini, Nepal. At 18.00 pm there is a simple reception meal of soup and bread. At 19:00 pm we start with the sitting and walking meditation.

On the second to tenth day, there are two meals a day: breakfast at 7.00 am and a hot meal at 12.45 pm. The whole day is spent in alternating sitting and walking meditation. In the morning, you will individually report your practice to the supervisors in 15 minutes. Additional Dhamma instructions will be given at 16.30 pm.  At 17.30 pm there is an evening drink. From 18.30 to 21.00 pm alternating sitting and walking.

On the tenth day we break the silence on Thursday afternoon at 17.30 pm. At 18.00 pm there is a simple evening meal, at 19.00 pm a sharing circle and at 20.00 a sitting session. Friday we start as usual at 4.00 am. After breakfast, at 8.00 am, we will have a closing session until 9.00 am and then go home.


Friday June 14 15.30 PM until Tuesday June 25 09.00 AM, Hof van Kairos, Winterswijk Kotten
Guidance: Sayadaw U Vivekananda and Sayalay Daw Bhaddamanika.


Lodging: 1-person room € 795; 2-person room € 645; 4-person room € 495, own tent € 495.

Guidance: guiding this retreat is a gift from the supervisors.

Donation: Giving (donating, dana) is an essential part of the meditation practice. That is why participants make a donation – according to their own wishes and possibilities – to the Mahasi Sayadaw Foundation after the retreat, which will be transfered to the teachers. Because the foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI), it is possible to deduct this gift from the tax.

After your registration, Guus Went will make an appointment with you for an intoductory meeting by telephone.

Locatie: Hof van Kairos

Vosseveldseweg 17, 7107 AD Winterswijk Kotten