Yogi’s experiences

‘The 1-on-1 interviews were of very high quality and very inspiring. Each time I felt energized again to practice with more effort, something that is very important. Also the knowledge was of such high level that it directly created a lot of trust.’

Man, 41, Change Consultant

‘I really loved the communication between me and the monk/nun. It created insight whenever it felt like I stalled. They were so generous and loving. All the obstacles that I experienced during the meditation were transmuted by them.’

Man, 22, Mobile Marketing

‘The guidance was truly and honestly amazing, committed, dedicated, caring, very wise, mindful and with pure loving kindness.’

Man, 40, Reliability Engineer

Before the retreat I have been working on my personal development for many years. Over the years I did all kinds of things, but what always has been an issue is keep going with a steady rhythm.

But now, things go really well. I worked out a schedule for my day and this goes great. And with work I feel much less stress and I am much more productive.

Overall this was a positive experience for me. I found the Dhamma talks very interesting. The interviews where very kind and approachable.

Man, 35, Administrative Officer


‘The guidance was extremely helpful! The interviews were very good, every day I was coached with new instructions to deepen the practice. The Dhamma talks helped to create the bigger picture.’

Male, 61, Consultant

‘The interviews were very motivating and gave some ‘eye opening’ insights and removed some misinterpretations.’

Man, 60, Quality & Sustainability Specialist

‘The guidance during this retreat was amazing, I never had so much insight in my previous retreats.
After talking to Sayadaw Vivekananda about my ego wearing me down with sceptical doubt and letting this go insight started to arise. The interviews really helped me to take the right direction, the direction to insight and realization. Sayadaw and Sayalay really know what they are doing.
Also the Dhamma talks were really welcome and well structured to build up insight during these 10 days.’

Man, 38, Graphic Designer

‘The guidance was very helpful for learning the right instructions to train concentration. You were very friendly and patient.

Beautiful location in the middle of the woods. A good bed, fine shower, nice meals, a good meditation room with enough material to sit comfortably. The interviews and Dhamma talks via Skype were fine and I would choose for this again.’

Woman, 55, Nurse Practitioner